The Benefits of Renovating Your Home

Homeowners are often stuck with the same home for decades. It can be too expensive to buy a new home if you need to make changes to accommodate new family members or if you just want a change of scenery. But the answer for the budget minded can be to renovate their home. Let’s look at some of the advantages to home renovations.


Creating More Space Is Simple

If a lack of space is driving you to reconsider your current housing situation, then an extension could be just what you need. This is an inexpensive solution to creating more livable room in your home. An upstairs extension can be added onto most houses.

Because the extension will go onto the existing structure, much of your existing plumbing and electrical wiring can be used in the addition.

More Cost Effective than Building Elsewhere

This leads into the next advantage. Extensions are great ways to save money when you need that extra space. They usually cost less than a new building on the existing property. And they are far more convenient that selling your house and moving somewhere else. Fewer permits are required, the work usually goes much faster and fewer materials need to be used.

The extension makes use of the structure already in place. So many times, an entire wall can be made out of the side of the house. This also saves costs that would be accrued by putting in entirely new plumbing and electrical lines. And because some of the work is already done, an extension is usually constructed faster than a new structure that takes up the same amount of space.

You Don’t Have to Be Inconvenienced

Many people who have extensions built onto their home can continue to live in their home while the construction is taking place. Their main house will not generally be affected by the construction at all. Most extensions take place on the side or back of the house, so the remainder of the house can still be accessed. The workers will often be able to carry all their equipment and use their materials through the extension alone, never having to enter the main house during construction.

Improved Value

Renovation and extensions can greatly add to the value of your home. This can increase the resale value of your home and help with mortgages. If you are renting the home, a renovation can be a great way to reduce the monthly rent, if you have the landlord’s approval. Home renovations can help even the most stagnant and tiresome houses to become reinvigorated with new functionality and features. Rather than making an expensive move and giving up your old house, consider the advantages of renovating the house you already live in.