Project Oversight

The building supervisors we employ are all well-trained and experienced in overseeing home construction projects. They are skilled at delivering fantastic results with very little interruption to your family.

The supervisor oversees every aspect of the project. The assigned supervisor will be at the site for each step of the project, ensuring that all required work is being performed in the safest and most efficient way possible. The building supervisor will be your contact throughout the project, and they will ensure that you are happy with the work provided and that all your questions are answered. They will facilitate communication between you and all of the tradespeople working the site.

We only use highly qualified and experienced individuals as building supervisors. Their job is to monitor and control all work and delivery of materials. They will ensure that all aspects of the job are performed smoothly and that you are interrupted as little as possible. Our supervisors are friendly and sociable but also able to make certain that work gets done in a timely and correct manner.

6-Star Energy Rating

We will provide you with a 6-Star energy rating so that your home is not only economical but environmentally friendly.

OH&S Certification

The Occupational Health and Safety workers are tasked with keeping your work practices safe. They monitor our work habits and ensure that we are following safety protocols and creating a stable structure. We take our partnership with OH&S seriously and adhere to all safety regulations while we work.

All of our tradies have ‘red cards’ and all our plumbers and electricians are highly qualified and registered, providing certificates for all works.