House Extensions Insurance Coverage

It is important for homeowners to have insurance to cover their extensions. House and Content Insurance will have to be kept current before the extension project can be approved. Homeowners should talk with their insurance agent and clarify what will be covered. If you are concerned about the amount of coverage that you have, please let us know and we will assist you.

Many kinds of insurance can provide the coverage you need. These would include Homeowner’s Warranty Insurance, Property Insurance, and Construction Insurance. Please note that some insurance companies make exceptions to their coverage during the extension building process.

Homeowner’s Warranty Insurance

This insurance will cover the owner of the home for work not yet completed due to the company’s failure to carry out their promised work, the dissolving of the company, or the death or disappearance of the contractors. This coverage would only provide for instances where the work is incomplete, uses poor materials, is performed with shoddy workmanship or contains serious faults.

Construction Insurance

This type of insurance protects the home’s owner throughout the building process. It covers such occurrences as theft, fire, storm damage, flooding, and vandalism. Loans related to the construction may necessitate this kind of insurance policy before they can be approved.


All our renovations include the industry standard 6 Year Building & Structural Guarantee upon completion.