How Much Will It Cost?

To determine how much your home extension will cost you, the combined costs for designing, buying materials, destroying existing materials, building up the extension and supplying labour all have to be included. Other factors can come in to play as well, such as how old your house is, what the composition of the soil is and what kind of foundation your home has.

If you would like to know how much it will all cost, then please just let us know. Many times we can even tell you the costs over the phone.

The factors that have the most weight in determining price are how old the house is, the type o soil around it, the kind of renovation you want done and how the home is engineered. Coming in second are factors such as how large you want your extension to be, the kinds of materials you would like to use, what kind of finishing work needs to be done, any revisions that will have to be made mid-project, and how accessible your house is. The least relevant factors include council permits and requirements, the kind of home you have, how many windows and doors are near the renovation area, and whether or not you want to keep on living in your home while we work.

We will address most of these factors during the design step, and for most homes they are not a major issue in changing the base price.

Free 3D Design Service & Quote

One of our experienced building designers will meet with you to discuss your brief and give you some design ideas and options that will work for your house and on your site. They will work closely with you to produce an architectural 3d perspective of this new design. Building materials and interior finishes will be selected and our in-house estimating department will produce a detailed specification and quote for your approval.

Guaranteed Price

The only way the price of the job will change after this point is if you want any changes made to the project after it begins. If this happens, we will discuss those price changes with you and ensure that you understand everything that will be involved.

This means that there are never any surprises to be concerned about. The cost stays the same for the entire project, unless you change it.