Our Extension Process

We involve our clients in every step of the process and ensure that they are informed about what is being done to carry out their plans. We want them to understand how the work is being carried out and make certain that they are involved in the process.


We start the extension process with a preliminary meeting, here we will discuss with the client their initial plans and how much the project will cost. We will also provide assessments concerning the feasibility of the project and inform the client of any regulations that must be followed during the building of the extension. This meeting helps form a plan of action for the extension project.

Measuring and Design Work

Our designer will work off the plans discussed in the initial meeting and take measurements and photographs of the client’s house. These will be used to make a 3-dimensional model of the project. Then the designer will work out the details of balancing the aesthetics and ensuring the project moves forward efficiently.

Presenting Preliminary Plans

Our designer will bring in floor plans to the meeting as well as a rendering of the extension. This meeting will also cover expected costs and specifications for the timeframe and materials to be used. The client will have a chance to see how the extension will look before it is built and decide whether the preliminary plans meet their expectations. The client then agrees to enter into an arrangement that permits our company to proceed with drafting final plans and drawing up a contract.

Final Plans

The project director, estimator and engineer all meet with the client to discuss the final plans. Draftsmen are brought in to take accurate measurements of the site. The final plans are drawn up and discussed with the client, where final changes can be made. These changes will be reflected in the contract.


The client receives the final drawings for the project and the contract. These are accompanied by a fixed price detailing each cost and the specifications of the project. Once the client is happy with these details, the contract is signed and physical work can commence.

Permit for Extension Issued

Our company will then obtain the insurance coverage for the project and the building permit will be issued by the building surveyor. The manager for the project will talk to the client about accessing the site and commencing work. Builders are assigned for the project and materials are obtained.

Work Begins

Extensions require the work of a number of specialized tradesmen. These include carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, roofers and tile layers. While work is continuing, the client can usually live in their home comfortably.

Work Is Completed

After several months of work, when the job is complete, the building surveyor will issue the client a notice of completion.