Designing Your Home Extension

Each family has different needs when it comes to home extensions. We take your family’s individual needs into consideration when designing and building your extension.

Specialized Extension Designers

Our expert design consultants will meet with you personally and discuss the details of your extension. You will have the same designer for the entire project, and this person will work closely with you to ensure that your specifications are being followed.

Our designers know that your extension not only has to look appealing but has to be structurally sound. They will find a solution for you that meets both of these criteria.

Their job is to help turn your extension plans into a reality. They listen to what you have to say and make suggestions that can make your plans even better. They will also give you a number of different options for you to work with.

The extension designs are informed by the budget you have to work with, the conditions of the work site, the regulations that must be followed, your particular needs, and how feasible the project is.

The Team

The design team is comprised of people dedicated to making the best extensions possible for you. They are experienced and committed, and they ensure that clients are happy with the final results.

The Extension Design

The process for designing the extensions is a collaborative one. You will work in close correlation with the managing designer, one of our architects and our building team to achieve an extension you can be happy with and that we can be proud of.

We put our very best efforts into every project we work on, because we know our clients demand superior workmanship and improved value for their homes.