Signing a Contract with Us

Each home extension that we are responsible for is partnered with a detailed legal contract. This is intended to protect all parties involved.

Once you have looked at the designed concepts and given your approval for them, we will ask that you agree to a Preliminary Agreement. This lets us start on the preliminary work for the extension. We will begin by sending a team to your home to inspect the grounds and to ensure that the plans laid out in the contract will be feasible. Our designer will be joined onsite by engineers, a supervisor and a building designer to look for any trouble spots. These will need to be addressed before the contract can be signed. This helps us ensure that you are getting a fair and honest contract and that we will be able to carry out our side of it.

Master Builders Association Contract

One the preliminary Agreement has been finished, we will use a contract drawn up by the Master Builders Association to detail all costs, timelines and plans. This is a legally binding contract.

Contracts with a Fixed Price

We will provide a fixed price contract that details the design work to be done, the approvals to be made and the construction we will perform. This contract lays out every aspect of the project in detail, with prices included to save you from any unpleasant surprises. We can only set a fixed price for your contract once our team has made its initial report.

Should a lawyer examine the Contracts?

We use a standard contract that has been prepared by the Master Builders Association.  We have used this contract as a part of our business for years. But if you wish to have a lawyer examine the contract, you are certainly permitted to do so.