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Home Extensions

home extensions  Since we provide the entire extension service ourselves, we know that the price we give you in the consultation will be very close to the actual cost once all the plans have been finalized. 

Home Renovations

Home renovations We have our own design and renovation staff, and we are able to oversee the work at every step to make certain that your plans are being followed exactly as you would expect them to be. 

Quality Service

Quality service The expertise of our team has helped many clients to have the home they always wanted and to fulfill their extension dreams. We receive most of our business from referrals! 



Home Extensions And Renovations

The work we do and the results we provide for our clients are unparalleled within the industry. We are the premier house extension builders for the area, and we ensure that every job we do meets very stringent standards of quality. We have been helping our clients beautify and extend their houses for years now.

Our Experienced Professionals

We use only the best professionals in the business. Our staff is comprised of seasoned veterans who have been in the industry for a while. They are skilled enough to handle any challenge that may arise.

Home Extension Services

We take your entire home into consideration when we design your extension. We are able to keep your home’s period and style intact while making additions, and we work with our clients on their budget and ensure that all their specifications are met.

We offer a complete set of home extension services. From design to sourcing materials to building it to completion, we have every step of the process covered.

We work hard to ensure that we build extensions we can be proud of and you will be satisfied with. We also handle all permits and take care of the approval process. We provide each of our clients with a specific quote and make certain that every customer receives finalized plans in a timely manner. We do all this before you have ever signed a contract with us.

We are committed to ensure that you get the home you want. We will go over every detail of your extensions with you, ensuring the best choices are being made for you, your family and your h Every step of the process is a carefully considered one, because we want nothing but the best for you.

Our home extensions are of the highest quality. We adore great architectural design, and we are dedicated to delivering a spectacular product in a timeframe that is acceptable to our clients. You will see our commitment to exemplary service from the moment you meet with us, and you will love the results we produce for you.

Our duty is to provide you with the best extensions we can. To that end, we employ on the finest professionals and use only the best parts. At every step we ensure that we are keeping to your specifications and giving you the finest home extension that is possible.

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